Virtual Reality (VR) is a great way to enhance and reinforce your curriculum. Take your students places they have just read about or places they have never even heard of. This website will provide you with the resources you'll need to integrate virtual field trips into your lessons. There are several ways your students can experience virtual field trips.

Google Expeditions uses a smartphone or tablet app (it's free). Many of our students already have smart devices, but are not using them to learn. Expeditions can also be used with a VR headset like Google cardboard (but not required). Students move their device to look around or use their finger to navigate through the tour. Chrome books that have touchscreens and support android apps can use Google expeditions through the app. Nearly 1000 expeditions are available and include college tours, career profiles, and scientific models. Augmented reality (AR) experiences are also available through the Expedition app.

Many of our schools are providing standard chrome books to students. With these chrome books students can use the trackpad to "look" around and navigate without having to moving the chrome book around. Chromebook users that need a web based experience can look under "View on Web" from the list of expeditions from Google. Virtual Field Trips from Arizona State University provides chromebook friendly tours.

Google Street View and Google Earth allow teachers, and students, to create their own tours. Literature tours are popular, highlighting places from stories and history. There are also live cams showing animals at zoos, like the Elephant Cam.

Below are a few resources to get you started. There are always new experiences being created so Google what you are interested.

google Expeditions graphic

Google Expeditions

Bring your lessons to life with Google Expeditions. There are nearly 1000 virtual reality and augmented reality tours available via the Expedition app. More info can be found here.

california State Parks graphic

State Parks Virtual Tours

State Parks provides FREE live interactive videoconference programs, also known as virtual field trips, to expand learning beyond the classroom walls. More info can be found here.